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Community success across West Asia and North Africa

The Mashreq and Maghreb project (Haddad and Eltom 2002) linked the Mashreq (Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq) and Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya) countries to combat desertification. Promising technologies were identified, but partners soon realized that policies and institutions also needed to be supportive for their implementation.

To address this, the project catalyzed the creation of community-based organizations to develop 'negotiated action plans' that set standards for land management in their domains. They also function as communication and advocacy channels to promote policy and institutional reforms affecting property rights, land and water management, marketing, and credit.


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 Haddad, N. and Eltom, A. 2002. Completion review mission report for "Programme for the Development of Integrated Crop-Livestock Production in Low Rainfall Areas of Mashreq and Maghreb Phase II. Participatory validation of integrated systems technology packages to improve adaptability under favourable policy environments. IFAD, Rome: TAG No. 385.



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