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Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT-TSBF)


Desert Margins Program (with ICRAF, ICRISAT, ILRI)

Engaging farmers in research and scaling-up

CORAF projects on sustainable soil management

Soil-water decision support systems training

Monitoring and evaluating local development plans

Fertilizer micro-dosing and drought tolerant varieties technology transfer for small farmer prosperity in the Sahel (with ICRISAT)

CORAF project on microdosing

Intensification and diversification of cropping systems

Combining water harvesting techniques and nutrient management to sustain food production in the drylands of West Africa (with ICRISAT)

CORAF project on water harvesting/nutrient management

Promoting use of indigenous phosphate rock for soil fertility “recapitalization” in tropical Africa

CORAF project on indigenous rock phosphate

Potential for payment for environmental services (PES) approaches to contribute to equitable and sustainable management of soil and water in upper catchments (CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food)

Water and people in catchments

Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)
Managing dry forests for sustainable livelihoods in semi-arid countries of southern, eastern and west Africa African dry forest project
Nature, wealth and power (.pdf)
Building the capacity of institutions to mitigate conflicts and better manage woodland and savanna resources
Policies and incentives for managing the Miombo Woodlands to meet household needs in southern Africa
Climate change, water and forest fires


International Maize and Wheat Center (CIMMYT)
Wheat with enhanced water productivity

Rainfed wheat systems

ICARDA/CIMMYT Wheat Improvement Program

Resource conservation technologies for maize and wheat cropping systems

Food security and income in the Limpopo Basin

Yellow River Basin (China) rainfed conservation agriculture


International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA)
Improved land management to combat desertification

Project document (pdf format)

Manage scarce water resources and mitigate drought

Project document (pdf format)

Integrated gene management

Project document (pdf format)

Conserving dryland agrobiodiversity in Middle East

ICARDA Seed Unit

ICARDA and CIMMYT power of partnership

Diversification and sustainable improvement of rural livelihoods

Project document (pdf format)

Poverty and livelihood analysis

Project document (pdf format)

Knowledge management and dissemination for sustainable development

Project document (pdf format)

Farmer participation in research

Regional programs

North Africa

Nile Valley - Red Sea

West Asia

Arabian Peninsula


Central Asia and the Caucasus

Latin America

Afghanistan rehabilitation

Mashreq & Maghreb countries


World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)
Land degradation surveillance in drylands

West Africa Drylands Project

Desert Margins Program (with CIAT, ICRISAT, ILRI)

Agroforestry regulations in the Sahel

Agroforestry practices for sustainable management of drylands

Agroforestry in Action series - links to dryland work

Trees for improved fallows

Agroforestry for soil fertility improvement in southern Africa

Southern Africa - genetic improvement of indigenous tree fruits

Fruit tree products in southern Africa

Eastern Africa - restoring degraded drylands

Sensing soil condition with near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

Fighting hunger with infrared spectroscopy in western Kenya


International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT)
Desert Margins Program

Home page

Crop-livestock development with ILRI

New Sahel Project

Sahelian eco-farm

African market garden

Acacia senegal biodiversity garden

Acacia senegal-based bioreclamation of degraded lands

Crop diversification

Dryland agroecosystem sustainable management

Project summary

Combining water harvesting and nutrient management (with CIAT-TSBF)

Organic fertilizer dynamics in the Sahel

Sequestering carbon in dryland soils

Breeding tropical dryland crops

Global theme: crop improvement

Crop improvement and seed sector reform in eastern/southern Africa

Commercializing smallholder crops in eastern/southern Africa

Crop improvement networks in eastern/southern Africa

Pearl millet improvement in west/central Africa

Sorghum research network in west/central Africa

Global theme: biotechnology for drought, salinity tolerance

Dryland markets and policies

Global theme summary

Relief, recovery and food security in eastern/southern Africa

Dryland ICT for knowledge – sharing

Virtual Academy for the Semi-Arid Tropics

Agricultural implications of climate variability


International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
Land resource management for poverty reduction


Research theme: managing natural resources

Systemwide Program on Collective Action and Property Rights


Food systems: disaster prevention, relief, and rebuilding after crises

Theme summary


International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)
Desert Margins Program

Program overview

Better policy and management options for pastoral lands

Project overview

Land Use Change Impacts and Dynamics (LUCID) Project

Project home page

Climate-Land Interaction Project (CLIP)

Project home page

Improve livelihoods in the Sahel through bio-economic decision support systems at household level (with ICRISAT)

Project home page

Agricultural transitions in West Africa: Impacts on agropastoral livelihoods, livestock mobility and the environment

Project summary

Sustaining water and nutrient productivity

Project summary


International Water Management Institute
IWMI Drought Information Centre Home page
Africa Rice Center (WARDA)
Irrigated rice in the Sahel

Irrigated rice project summary

Sustainable intensification of rainfed lowland rice systems for enhanced livelihoods in dry areas

Project summary

Inland Valley Consortium

Technical efficiency of rainfed lowland rice (pdf)

Managing drought in rainfed rice ecosystems

Seasonal floodplain water management (through Water & Food Challenge Program, with WorldFish)

Community-based fish culture in seasonal floodplains (pdf)

Technology transfer

ROCARIZ rice research-for-development network

INGER rice germplasm network


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